Ekaterina Laricheva
Internet marketer
Business assistant
Let's get acquainted!

My name is Ekaterina Laricheva.
I am an internet marketer, business assistant.
I'm a timetable man. For me, clarity, consistency of actions in solving problems is important.
I love clear instructions and deadlines.

For each project, I study the situation, target audience
in detail, propose a solution, agree on an action plan
and work schedule.
I always use only high quality legal photographs. My lyrics are unique, there is no water in them.

I constantly study modern trends, attend courses, trainings in the field of sales, marketing, language.
I introduce the acquired knowledge into the project.
I am curious and know how to learn.
I do not work in the office, on weekends, after 20-00.

Figures about me

14 years in sales have taught:

‣ Work in a multitasking environment, stressful environment.

‣ Solve difficult situations

with clients.

‣ Easily switch between tasks, delve quickly

to the heart of the matter.

‣ Find language with different people, understand the needs of clients.

2 years as the head of the department allowed:

‣ Take a look at the process

of creating a product, running

a business from different angles.

‣ Select contractors, set tasks

for them.

‣ Choose the best tools for product promotion.

‣ Delegate tasks, control processes.

3 years of immigration pushed:

‣ Find positive aspects

in everything and look for new opportunities.

‣ Quickly adjust

under the conditions of the new reality.

‣ Recognize your skills, strengths, actively pump them.

‣ Calculate only on your own

and never do not lose

the positive.

2 years of maternity leave helped:

‣ Control emotions

and don't let them influence

to the workflow.

‣ Formulate and follow a clear plan of action.

‣ Remain calm, restrained in any environment, not give vent

to emotions.

‣ Appreciate the opportunity to do the work you love.

I will help your business
“Your most dissatisfied customers
are your biggest source of learning"

‣ I will analyze the market and competitors

in the Internet.

‣ I will define the target audience, draw up

a portrait of it.

‣ I will form a unique selling proposition

and product positioning.

Sales funnel analysis
‣ I will work out the positioning
of the product.
‣ I will single out the core of the target audience, identify its interests, needs
and pains.
‣ I will develop a product line, offer optimal communication channels.


‣ Design a presentation for a webinar, commercial proposal, Power Point presentation and Canva.

‣ I use 20 free photo stocks and 100 Cyrillic fonts in my work, a set of 1000 icons.

‣ I will add infographics.

Design and Copywriting
‣ Prepare texts for social networks, news feed, website, public speaking.
‣ Copywriting, text rewriting.
‣ I will provide design options.
‣ Check the text for literacy and uniqueness.
SMM, administration
‣ Create pages on Facebook, Instagram.
‣ I will form a content plan and a schedule
of posts.
‣ Create a general corporate identity
for the page.
‣ I will support the activity of the audience:
I will answer to questions, I will work out negative statements.
Landing page
I am imposing a page in the Tilda constructor.
‣ Create an optimal page structure, taking into account the specifics of the business.
‣ I will develop a page design, adhering
to the corporate identity.

How i work

Discussion of the project

We get acquainted, discuss the project, scope of work, terms, cost.

Project approval

I provide a project plan,

we approve.

Prepayment 30%.

Intermediate control

Providing part of the work, correcting if necessary.

Delivery of material

I give completely finished material, links.

Full payment for work.

My works

Webinar presentation

Alice Sinthalat Project

"Become an international class fitness trainer" (Italy)

Task: make a redesign of the presentation for the webinar. Save color. The rest is variable.

Solution: I studied all the information on the course, the organization of sports in Europe, the school, the teachers. Redesigned, rewriting the text, structured information, added infographics, high quality photos, decorated in the same style. The title of the course made it more sales.

Design for the Instagram network

Content plan and post schedule

Psychologist Julia Serebryakova

Task: design, writing posts. Spiritual texts, lists of films, books, customer stories. Photos to pick up bright, colored.

Solution: studied the target audience, competitors, pains and needs of the target audience. I picked up vivid photographs. All photos are of high quality, legal. The design style is light, light, minimalistic. She wrote texts that are relevant

to the needs of the target audience. The style of the text and the subject matter correspond to the wishes of the client.

Feedback about my work
Alice Synthalat
Author and host of the course "Become an international fitness trainer"
Thanks to Ekaterina for her fairly conscientious work. I ordered a presentation for a selling webinar and Katya did not disappoint.
The presentation was done with taste, I especially liked the design
and colors. Thanks a lot!
Yulia Serebryakova
Psychologist, coach
Ekaterina made a content plan for 2 weeks and a schedule of posts
for 1 week for my project.
She did an excellent job with the task.
In the content plan, she proposed various categories to increase the interest of the audience. I wrote posts for the benefit of subscribers. Ekaterina created a laconic, minimalistic design for posting without unnecessary distracting details. Thanks for the work you've done!
Phone Viber WhatsApp: +(372) 55675424
Email: elaricheva21@gmail.com
Tallinn, Estonia

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